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DS Fold Down Lever

The innovative products from Switchview USA keep evolving to help you keep improving the accuracy and consistency of your game. By taking some of the great features of popular levers and adding more functionality into the design, Switchview has created a double screw fold-down (DSFD) lever that is sure to please even the most discerning customer.

Benefits of the Double Screw Functionality

Standard Switchview USA levers are manufactured in the USA under strict quality procedures using hard-anodized aluminum. Scope magnification adjustment tools such as these levers are essential gear additions for anyone looking to take skill and accuracy to the next level. The creation of the double-screw design alters the standard lever in a way that benefits customers seeking a tool that can be used on a wider variety of scopes. Standard levers are designed to be scope-specific, but the double-screw addition allows for fit on a broader range of models.

Benefits of the Fold Down Design

When designing tools meant to assist customers with adjusting the magnification of a rifle scope, the process includes thinking about how the tool will function in the real world during hunting, at work or during a competition. Throw levers can sometimes snag on items or interfere with gun placement in certain situations, so one solution to this problem is the creation of a fold-down design. In a fold-down design, the portion of the lever that projects outward perpendicular to the scope can fold back against the rifle to keep it out of the way when in use.

This design also comes in handy for storing purposes, since it can be folded down before being put away. If you plan to leave the throw lever on the scope when putting it away into a soft case, make sure you install the throw lever to fold down toward the back of the gun. Installing it this way will make sure it folds down on its own when you store your rifle away. For those who are concerned that the lever will hang up on things and possibly become damaged or damage a scope, the fold-down design can alleviate these concerns.

How the DSFD Switchview Throw Lever Works

When a shooter needs to change the magnification before taking a shot, a Switchview USA throw lever can be the key to adjusting magnification accurately and quickly. This tool allows for the fast rotation of the scope by applying simple leverage. Standard levers work well for this purpose, but a DS lever provides more versatility in the fit. When working with a lever that doesn’t have a fold-down option, part of the top will stick out when in use. This isn’t usually an issue unless it snags on something and dislodges or causes instability. Fold-down versions lessen the chance of a snag since the throw lever will simply fold out of the way if it bumps against an object or the grounding container.

Purchase Switchview USA Products

Adjusting a rifle sight has never been easier or more precise than when you use one of Switchview USA’s solidly constructed scope adjust throw levers. The standard levers are a great addition to your tools rifle, but investing in one of the DSFD throw levers provides you with a more customized experience. All products are manufactured here in the United States of America using high-quality materials and built to last. Contact a member of the Switchview USA team today to ask questions about the functionality or availability of any of the products and browse the site for more information about product options.

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