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Installation Guides

Switchview Scope Adjustment Lever


  1. Make sure your FIREARM IS EMPTY, and ALL AMMUNITION is in ANOTHER room!
  2. Open your CHAMBER and stick your FINGER inside to make SURE it is EMPTY!
  3. Mount firearm or riflescope in clamping device- Installing the Switchview will require using both hands.
  4. Find the center of travel on the scope’s magnification ring and place a small mark at the center point as a reference when positioning.
  5. Apply one drop of lubricant to the ball or socket of the Switchview and assemble the two parts. Due to close manufacturing tolerance and variances in anodizing thickness, it may be necessary to GENTLY ‘work’ the fitting of the two parts to lubricate the joint.
  6. Slide the Switchview over the eyepiece and onto the magnification ring. NOTE: The ball/socket must be disconnected to install the Switchview on scopes with an illumination adjustment knob.
  7. Align the Switchview lever with your previously marked center reference point. Insert the Allen screw and tighten it to 2.2 inch-pound with a supplied wrench- tighten the screw only to the point where the Switchview is SNUG on the scope and does not slip when rotated. NOTE: when properly installed, a gap will remain between the two parts at the screw connection.


  • Test to ensure the Switchview is in the best position for your preference. To adjust its position, loosen the screw and reposition the Switchview to a more comfortable position. Then retighten the screw and test the new position. Do not over-tighten.
  • All Switchview USA levers are precisely manufactured to fit specific models of scopes. Tolerances are small, and no precautions must be taken to protect the metal-to-metal contact between the Switchview and your scope if installed correctly. NOTE: When properly installed, a gap will remain between the two parts connected by the screw.
  • From time to time, scope manufacturers may change component dimensions as they see fit. If you have a scope that the Switchview does not fit appropriately onto, we will do everything possible to help you get the right Switchview with the right fit. Any returned or exchanged product must be in “Like New” condition in the original packaging.
  • Switchview USA and all/any of its employees are not responsible for any damage done to your equipment during the installation or use of the SwitchviewTM.
  • Thank you very much for your purchase and your continued patronage. We will do everything possible to provide the highest quality products and the best customer service you have ever experienced. Please get in touch with us with any questions or comments you have at
  • SwitchviewTM products are durable, although not indestructible, and this is by careful design.
    Every SwitchviewTM model is precisely engineered to and regularly endure use in extreme real-world military and law enforcement applications worldwide, with great success and reviews.
  • Noting that, the SwitchviewTM lever is designed to break away under severe impact, which would otherwise very likely cause severe damage or complete failure to what is undoubtedly a much more critical and far more costly component, the shooter’s scope. While it is inconvenient for a SwitchviewTM to break, scope function and shooter activity are maintained if this occurs. Conversely, suppose a scope’s internal elements or other components are knocked out of alignment or broken due to torque from a lever impact where the Switchview to not break free. In that case, the shooter’s ability to perform and his or her safety could be severely compromised. We prefer to keep the shooter in the fight or the game, as the case may be.

Good Shooting, Be Safe!

Eagle Eye Switchview Universal-Fit Throw Lever


  1. Align Eagle EyeTM throw lever with center hump on magnification adjustment ring.
    Note: Not all scopes have a center hump – in this case mount lever on center of scope set to middle zoom level.
  2. Determine how much material needs to be removed from the lever (if any) for a snug fit and remove material with a utility knife, scissors or box cutters.
    Note: Score lines are for reference, trim to fit as needed, precise fit on hump not necessary.
  3. Align Eagle EyeTM throw lever with scope’s center line or center hump if present. Place long screw through hole in strap. Hold strap snug to lever, thread screw to connect strap and lever. Using supplied wrench, gently tighten screw to point of strap/lever contact.
  4. Next, wrap strap around scope ring to determine strap length. Cut strap at point where strap reaches slot in lever. Reverse screw from lever to allow approximately 1/4″ gap between lever and strap. PARTIALLY insert strap into slot. (When test fitting strap in to lever, it is very important for strap to ONLY be inserted half way in to lever slot as it is designed to not be easily removable once fully inserted.)
  5. Tighten screw only enough to enable movement of magnification ring without slippage of Eagle Eye Switchview. (If strap is loose, remove one notch from strap and recheck. Repeat until correct fit is achieved.)
  6. At this point fully insert strap into gap and tighten screw for snug fit around scope. It is important to leave a small gap (1/8″-3/16″) between the strap and lever as the strap will stretch slightly over the first couple of days. Leaving a small gap will allow for additional tightening of screw after initial installation. Lastly, place short screw into the hole above the strap slot and tighten until snug.
  7. Note: DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN SCREW! The Eagle Eye Switchview lever and strap are designed to flex slightly during a sharp impact. This is a safety feature we have designed in to the product to prevent damage to your valuable scope.
    • Flexible material – In the first couple of uses, the strap may stretch slightly. After a couple of uses, the strap will take a “set” and won’t need to be adjusted any further. During initial setup, the screw only needs to be adjusted tight enough to create enough friction to move the magnification ring without the Eagle Eye slipping. We recommend leaving a slight gap to allow for later tightening.
    • The flexibility of the lever is an intentional design feature we’ve incorporated into the product to prevent any unintentional damage to the user’s optic. On initial installation you may notice the lever seems a little “springy”. This is to allow for movement if the lever was to accidentally bumped on tree limbs, branches, or while being transported in and out of gun cases, vehicles, etc without transmitting impact to the magnification ring itself.
    • This product is made from Zytel 66 also known as Nylon 66. The material has become widely accepted and used in the firearms industry. Popular brand polymer pistol frames (and many other firearms related components) are made of this material, as are under-hood automotive plastic components, and industrial strength plastic fasteners and zip ties. It is a high grade material that is not prone to becoming brittle in the cold or overly flexible in the heat. It also has properties designed into the material that make it resistant to breakdown due to chemical exposure.
    • This product was specifically engineered to be a magnification adjustment lever for pistol, rifle, and spotting scope optics. The Eagle Eye Switchview Lever has been extensively tested for just this purpose. It is not a repurposed fishing reel holder, cable tie, or wine bottle opener. Don’t be fooled by other cheap imitations. Switchview USA has been manufacturing Switchview Levers for many years and in addition to setting the industry standard for steel targets, Switchview USA also dominates the market for scope adjustment levers which are in use across the USA and around the world by top competitive shooters, hunters, and elite military and law enforcement units.
    • For the many thousands of shooters who are familiar with our alloy Switchview lever, the Eagle Eye Switchview lever was designed based on customer feedback to fit the need for an ‘universal fit’ lever. The primary purpose for the Eagle Eye model is to be used on scopes with non-tapered maginfication rings on hunting and sport firearms, not necessarily “work guns” or “hard use” guns such as real world military and law enforcement situations.
    • Please enjoy the enhancements your Switchview Lever or Eagle Eye Switchview as brings to a safe shooting experience.

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