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Switchview USA tools and accessories are proudly made right here in the USA. If your goal is to increase your accuracy with a quality built and long-lasting product, you will find these scope adjustment tools to be an excellent choice for your needs. To serve a broad range of consumers, Switchview USA produces a variety of throw levers to meet the needs of nearly any scope on the market. Learn more about what each product type has to offer by browsing through the available categories.

Standard Levers

Levers that fall into the standard category are each designed to fit a specific scope, making them the perfect throw lever to add to your collection. Adjusting the zoom ring on scope has never been easier than with these user-friendly and well-constructed levers. Before purchasing, you can measure and confirm with our Scope compatibility chart which lever will fit your scope. All standard levers are constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum and hard anodized before completion.

Fold-Down Levers

If you like the idea of a standard lever to add to your scope accessories but need it to be more portable for storage and travel purposes, a fold-down lever may be the right choice for you. Constructed with the same high-quality materials, fold-down levers feature a special collapsible structure for increased portability and longevity. Take it along with you to a competition, hunting trip or just to have fun at the range.

DS Fold-Down Levers

Fold-Down levers come in two different types, each one suitable for different needs. DS levers are manufactured using the same material as standard and traditional fold-down versions but are engineered using a double-screw design. The dual screws make this lever more affordable and fit a larger range of scopes. Combined with the fold-down technology, this lever is both adjustable and affordable, making it the perfect accessory to add to your gear.

Eagle Eye Universal Levers

Do you need a universal lever that can be adjusted to work with any scope, the Eagle Eye may be the scope accessory for you. This lever is made to fit almost any scope on the market and is made out of a high-quality plastic which makes it affordable. As a bonus, the Eagle Eye levers have the option to purchase in black, green, or tan to suit a variety of preferences.

Sportsmen Levers

If you are looking for a very inexpensive and lightweight throw lever for your scope to begin your collection, the sportsmen model lever is a solid option. Produced from durable nylon material, the sportsmen lever has a design that is a little bit smaller than the standard, fold-down, or universal models. Every hunter should have one of these levers in the toolkit for easy, on-the-go adjustment at an affordable price point.

Fold-Down Lever Tops

If you already own a Switchview USA fold-down lever and want to add the ability to customize it further, purchasing a fold-down lever top with either one or three holes lets you change the profile of your product without affecting the quality. These products are easy to install and allow you to adjust the profile up or down, depending on your preference. This is a great add-on tool for your throw lever if you want to make an adjustment without purchasing a new fold-down lever.

Switchview USA Swag

Fans of Switchview USA products can display some support for the brand at any time by purchasing one of the available Switchview USA swag items. Choose between black Multicam or standard Multicam hat for both style and function. You can display a Switchview USA sticker on your car or gear bag to show your appreciation for the brand and help get the word out about these USA-made, high-quality products.

Switchview Product Accessories

Switchview USA also offers a number of accessories to enhance your sport. Choose between two fix-it stick kits for on-the-go adjustments or consider a long-range arms level that completely changes the long-range game. Another popular accessory is a magazine extender that protects your magazine from damage.

All Products from Switchview USA

Well-constructed, highly functional, and made in the USA, products from Switchview USA are a must-have for anyone who wants to raise the game and increase accuracy. Whether you are interested in one of the levers for which the company is known or just want to show your support by purchasing some swag or accessories, finding a compatible product is easy.

Find Your Switchview USA Product

Use the compatibility guide to find the perfect accessory or lever for your scope. If you have any questions about any of the products or the compatibility of any of the products with the gear you already own, contact Switchview USA directly to get your questions answered.

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