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Fold Down Levers

Anyone serious about the shooting game, whether on a hunt or in a competition, knows seconds count when it comes to adjusting the rifle sight. That’s why Switchview USA levers are such a beneficial addition to your gear collection. Switchview USA levers are scope adjustment tools that make it easy to adjust the magnification on your scope before you take your shot. All Switchview USA levers are manufactured from materials that are durable and built to handle as much as you can throw at them. Those looking for the ultimate in convenience and functionality will love the added option of the fold-down feature in the Fold Down Switchview USA lever series.

How Do Switchview USA Levers Work? 

A lever is one of the scope attachments that can really influence how quickly and easily you can adjust the magnification of your scope. This is especially true if you shoot wearing gloves because the lever allows you a place to apply pressure using the tool as a leverage point. Quick magnification changes can be tricky, but using scope adjustment tools provides the leverage you need to make a smooth transition before you miss your chance. Each ring-shaped tool is automatically fitted with two holes in the lever top. Still, if the preference is a single hole for a shorter length or three holes for a longer length, those compatible modifications can be purchased to swap out. All levers are easy to install, and the hex wrench for the installation screw is included in the set.

Why Choose a Lever with the Fold Down Mechanism? 

The traditional Switchview USA lever comes with a fixed lever top, but some customers want a lever top that has been engineered with added convenience in mind. This is when the Fold Down lever top comes into play. Instead of remaining fixed in a perpendicular position sticking out from the scope, the Fold Down lever can easily be tucked down against either the front or back of the scope out of the way. By tucking away, it reduces the chance that the lever could become snagged and damage either the lever itself or the scope. Fold down levers are less visible and easy to tuck down when not in use. Another advantage of the fold down option is storage. Instead of having to remove the lever when packing everything away into the case, you can install the fold down lever in a way that will make it automatically fold back against the gun when you slide it in. This feature makes it the best option for travel and easy portability.

Why Choose Switchview USA Brand Levers? 

Switchview USA products are well-engineered with the improvement of sporting skills in mind. The products are easy to install and intuitive to use. Years of design go into each product that is released, so you know you are getting a product that has been created to work at the optimum level. Switchview USA levers are manufactured using high-quality materials, including aluminum that has been hard-anodized to prevent wear and tear over the years. The variety of product choices means you can find the perfect scope adjustment tool for your lever, whether it’s a universal tool or one that is scope-specific for your actual product. Importantly, all Switchview products are manufactured in the United States of America under the best standards.

Purchase a Switchview USA Fold Down Lever

If you are ready to up the accuracy of your game, it’s time to add a Switchview USA level to your gear collection. If you need to find out what size you need, use the provided measuring template for easy measurement. If you have any questions about the Fold Down lever or any other products, contact Switchview USA today.

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