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Whether you’re lining up the perfect shot at the range or preparing for a big competition, the best accessories can Whether you’re lining up the perfect shot at the range or preparing for a big competition, the best accessories can make all the difference. Find out how to get more out of your scope with these rifle scope accessories. At Switchview USA, you’ll find leading accessories and high-end options for all your scope brands and shooting needs.

1. Sportsman

Sportsman levers are made for sportsmen of all kinds. Hunting, sport shooting and target practice are all improved with this simple magnification adjustment. This convenient ring is made of 3D-printed nylon and is easy to attach to most name-brand scopes.

Once installed, it’s easy to rapidly adjust the magnification of your scope. Hone in on a range of targets with the simple throw of a lever. The sportsman lever is made in America and keeps your scope trained on your next target.

2. Eagle Eye

If you have a wide range of firearms with scopes or you have an unusual scope, pick up an Eagle Eye for uncompromising adjustments. The Eagle Eye lever is a universal scope accessory that works for any scope and any project. The flexible polymer band is easy to secure to your scope and allows you to quickly adjust your scope in the heat of the moment.

From military applications to hunting and competitive shooting, you won’t have to worry about moisture or other issues with this durable strap. Grab an Eagle Eye to match your scope color and get ready for quick, convenient shooting.

3. Standard

The original Switchview accessory, the Standard lever is made to handle rugged situations without compromising your access to quick magnification. Measure your scope and be sure you choose the perfect lever for quick adjustments in the field.

The standard is an American-made legend that gives you complete control of your scope adjustment. The quick-flip design shaves off precious seconds from your time during a competition or intense hunt. Don’t lose your competition or your big elk while you fumble with your scope magnification ring. Keep it simple with a stock, reliable Standard Lever before investing in an upgraded alternative.

4. Fold-Down

All the benefits of the Standard lever with even more convenience, the Fold Down Lever is a reliable way to keep your magnification ring accurately adjusted at all times. The Fold Down Lever uses a convenient hinge to keep the lever out of the way when you don’t need it.

This additional feature makes traveling long distances for competitions and big-game hunts convenient. A traditional lever may not fit in your rifle case comfortably, but a Fold Down Lever is easy to keep out of the way. It’s also convenient if you’re moving through brush and need to keep your scope streamlined.

5. DS Fold Down

The DS Fold Down Lever promises to be one of the best scope accessories available. The 6061-T6 aluminum is machined in the USA and supplements your scope magnification ring like no other. A double-screw installation gives you maximum customization as you fit this ring on nearly any scope.

The folding feature of the classic Fold Down Lever is back and gives you the convenience you need in the heat of the moment. Choose the perfect size ring that fits the size range of your scope and prepare to outpace the competition or land that big buck.

Compare the Best Accessories at Switchview USA

There are many pros and cons to each of these accessories, so it’s up to you to determine the best scope accessories for your shooting style. Shop today for all these accessories and find out how you can support American business and take your competition performance to the next level.

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