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Competitive marksmen and amateur target shooters need rapid, responsive scope adjusting features. As you rapidly line up your sights on targets nearby and far away, you need a scope that can handle efficient magnification changes. Discover how a scope throw lever can give you the competitive advantage you need, and compare fixed vs. folding levers today to find the best accessories for your rifle. Gear up with the best accessories available to outpace, outshoot and outperform the competition.

What Are Scope Levers?

Typical scopes have a magnification ring that is difficult to rotate in the heat of competition quickly. Some shooters choose to wear gloves, which makes it even more challenging to achieve those fine-tuned magnification adjustments you need.

A scope lever is a convenient accessory that mounts to your scope’s magnification ring. Most companies offer a range of scope levers, so you can find one that offers a perfect fit for a particular scope. Secure your scope lever and enjoy rapid adjustment with a reliable, American-made lever.

Scope levers come in many shapes and sizes. Be sure to accurately measure the ring diameter, bump height and bump width for an accurate fit. Follow specific installation instructions for your scope lever to enjoy a competition-ready performance.

Fixed Scope Levers

Fixed levers offer the convenience you need at an affordable price. They use a durable band, easily connection point and a large, visible handle to quickly grab, adjust and shoot accurately.

A fixed lever provides you with fast-paced adjustment wherever you are but may become tangled in obstacles. When you’re navigating brush or other obstacles, a fixed lever can catch, bump or otherwise become affected by your environment. This can disturb your scope and make you lose precious seconds during your shooting competition.

If you’re looking for an efficient, entry-level scope lever to get started, a fixed option is a low-cost option. These levers are typically made with the same high-quality materials and come sizes that fit most scopes.

Folding Scope Levers

A Fold-down lever uses the same material and technology with a conveniently foldable lever. After you sight-in your scope, you can fold the lever out of your way and easily navigate your surroundings. Don’t let a branch be the difference between a perfect shot and a miss.

Folding scope levers are also ideal for storage and transportation. A typical scope lever adds bulk to your scope, so it may not comfortably fit in your case. Travel easily to your next competition or target range with a compact, foldable design.

Invest in a folding scope lever if you’re serious about fast-paced competition shooting. Don’t let any obstacles get in your way and enjoy convenient travel with a small additional investment.

The Verdict

Both foldable and fixed scope levers offer the fast-paced scope adjustments that keep you in the lead during your shooting competition. However, for a small charge, the upgraded convenience of foldable scope levers can make all the difference. Compare them for yourself to discover how you can improve your shooting speed and accuracy at your next competition.

Learn more About Scope Levers

At Switchview USA, our levers and other rifle scope accessories are made in America with high-quality materials and leading designs. Our scope levers are machined with a precision performance out of 6061-T6 aluminum. After machining to the exact specifications, each scope lever undergoes hard anodization for a lifetime of rugged use.

Prepare for your next competition with a durable fixed or foldable scope lever that matches the exact size of your scope magnification ring. View our products today to enjoy an industry-leading performance. Don’t settle for anything but the best in terms of American precision and quality assurance.


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