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1613-1655N Switchview Throw Lever

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Switchview™ Sportsmans magnification adjustment throw lever – model 1613-1655N

Another great option is the Switchview USA Eagle Eye Universal throw lever.  Check it out here.


BUSHNELL ELITE 4200 model scopes with illuminated reticle.

GRSC 1×6 CRS model scopes.

Mueller APT model scopes.
NIKON M223 (To be sure of the model/generation of Nikon scope you have, measure the magnification ring diameter. The Switchview you may need is the 1740SV2N3V1)
Weaver Classic Extreme 1.5×4.5×24 model scopes.

Zeiss Conquest model scopes.

Other scopes with similar dimensions.

 – Scope makers modify designs without notice. Measurement of scope magnification ring before ordering Switchview is recommended.


Specs: Lever length: .780”.

Ring diameter 1.613-1.655″ not including dimensions for the scope’s index nub if present.

The lever needs .187″ of clearance between the scope body and the nearest object for proper operation.

Color: Flat Black.

173 in stock (can be backordered)


The 1613-1655N Switchview throw lever is pretty much a “must-have” addition to any variable powered magnified optic.  Like we’ve heard so many times before, “once you use one, you won’t be able to figure out how you ever got by without one before”!!!

Our 1613-1655N Switchview throw lever is our Sportsman’s line of scope magnification adjusters. Made of a 3D printed nylon material, this is a perfect throw lever for any hunting/sporting situation.  We’re also proud to say that 100% of the Switchview product line is manufactured in the United States of America.

If you haven’t seen the “DSFD” (Double Screw Fold Down) version of this Switchview, you can check it out here.

Our DSFD Switchview throw lever is our definition of simplification. The two-screw design increases adaptability for a more precise fit on various scope brands and models.

We’ve integrated our new “folding” design into these new DSFD levers for several reasons.  The main reason is it won’t hang up on stuff!  Whether you’re using your rifle for hunting, competition, or work, you’ll find that the new folding design offers many benefits over our fixed levers.

We usually mount the Switchview so the lever folds back towards the rear of the gun.  This way it will fold down when you’re stuffing it into a soft case, discarding it into a dropbox in a competition or dragging it through the bushes and trees on a hunt. If you want it to be a little “stiffer” you can add a little tension to the screw that holds it in place.

If you want a little longer top or a little shorter top, we have one hole and three-hole replacements as well.  Check them our on our “lever top” page you can find here.

Another great option is the Switchview USA Eagle Eye Universal throw lever.  Check it out here.


Additional information

Weight0.5 lbs
Scope Ring Bump Height

Scope Ring Bump Width-Base

Scope Ring Bump Width-Peak

Scope Diameter

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5 reviews for 1613-1655N Switchview Throw Lever

  1. tdg27

    I have purchased three other Switchview levers for several rifles I own. Both bolt rifles and AR’s and they are top quality in make and performance. This Sportsman model is on a bolt rifle I use for coyote hunting and is mounted on a 4×14 Leupold scope. Very quick to change from 4x to 14x without looking or fumbling about. Get one…. you will not be sorry…

  2. Tony X. (verified owner)

    A must have! Unit arrived before expected date.

  3. Terrance M. (verified owner)

    These things are really helpful for quick power changes without taking your eye away from the scope. I have these on all my variable scopes.

  4. Lloyd Bergeron (verified owner)

    I have been using aluminum SW levers for years now, this is the first nylon one I have tried, I like it, holds tight and has a low profile look once on the scope. Very nice piece.

  5. Thomas Losch (verified owner)

    Cheap, poor materials, do not buy.

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