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The MDT LRA Level has changed the game when it comes to precision shooting levels. If you want to take your long range game to the next level, the “Send iT” MV3 electronic level is your answer!  We’ve been using this level for long range shooting for about two years now and much like the Switchview levers, IT’S A GAMECHANGER!!

Once you’ve used a long range gun with one of these levels on it, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it before!  We feel lost when we’re using a standard bubble level!  The LED’s and the simple “green means go” indicator are simple and FAST!!  Check out this video on how easy it is for you to calibrate your level if you want to run it vertically!

If you’re looking for some tools to mount this bad boy, check out the Fix it Sticks “DUO” or the Fix it Sticks “Deluxe”!!  These guys will have you up and running in no time and are great “in the field” kits!

Please note that that we are NOT shipping internationally as this is an ITAR regulated product. 

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Long Range Arms was started by a few friends and avid shooters in 2016 with the invention of the Send iT Electronic Level. The idea of the Send iT level began taking shape during a conversation about the shortcomings of traditional spirit levels when a simple comment sparked the idea: “wouldn’t it be nice if we never had to take our eye off the target”. The original Send iT hit the market after a year of designing, testing, and incorporating functionality from every “wouldn’t it be nice if” comment. Newer, more modular models such as the Send iT – MV3 have since superseded the original.


Instead of waiting for a spirit (bubble) level to move and having to check it’s position, the MDT LRA SEND iT – MV3’s LEDs are 3-5 seconds faster and are easier to see. There are also 5 sensitivity settings to choose from, enabling flexibility to adjust to the precision needed for the task at hand.


See if you’re rifle is level and how to adjust without taking your eyes off of your target. The LED’s are clearly visible in your peripheral vision and the brightness can be adjusted for better visibility in bright or dark conditions.


The MDT LRA SEND iT – MV3 is designed to fit on your rifle in a variety of positions, so you can place it exactly where you need it. The picatinny mount can be flipped for left and right side mounting, or can be removed for use with optional mounting accessories.


The MDT LRA SEND iT – MV3 is calibrated on 12 axis to ensure that you have accurate readings regardless of the angle of fire. This is impossible to achieve with any mechanical/spirit shooting level.

Please note that that we are NOT shipping internationally as this is an ITAR regulated product. 


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