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How you mount a rifle creates a difference between whether you make a shot or miss it altogether. It all begins with mounting the scope properly with the help of an expert to get an effective outcome that can make a targeted shot.

Several processes are involved in mounting a rifle scope, and you want to be sure it is well done. But while many people can mount a scope, not all will give you the best results. Many rifle scopes aren’t mounted precisely, which could cause various shooting problems. Here is a guide to mounting a rifle scope that will make your hunting seamless.

Why Your Rifle Keeps Missing

Different reasons could cause the rifle to keep missing. One reason it might happen is if your rifle isn’t properly calibrated or if it is pulling the trigger. The best way to know why the rifle is missing is by testing it at a range. You will likely miss a target due to improper or nonexistent sight adjustment, which means that the scope is not adjusted to allow the bullet to hit where you are aiming. Even if you shoot and the bullet travels at a higher speed than twice the speed of the sound, it only gives you results when it hits where you intended.

Step By Step Process for Mounting a Rifle Scope

Here is a guide to help you mount your rifle successfully.

Pick Your Scope Mounting Hardware

There are different types of mounting hardware, and it is important to use the right tools. Below are various scope mounts you will need.

  • A scope ring and base setup- Consider this hardware before mounting your rifle. It consists of a scope ring and a base piece that screws into the base.
  • A rail and scope ring setup- In this setup, you will use a single rail that mounts into your rifle barrel, also known as the base, and attach the scope rings to the rail. Consider buying scope rigs sizable for your scope.
  • Leveling kit- With so many leveling systems, you can use any type based on the mounting hardware you choose, no matter how you mount your scope.
  • Gun stabilizer- There are several ways you can stabilize your gun. Using sandbags, you can use a custom of 2 by 4 chunks connected or a set of bipods with a solid rest for the stock.
  • Torque wrench- This is an important tool when mounting your rifle scope. You can buy or borrow it, and it is a must-have.

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Stabilize Your Gun

During this process, you can put a rig up a homemade contraption to keep your gun stable, or you can also put your rifle vice, a bench vice with aftermath rubber arms. The most important thing is to use what will stabilize your gun to be parallel to the ground.

Mount Your Bases or the Bottom Piece/Half of Your Rings

First, if you use a rail, put a light coat of oil on the rail’s underside before mounting. This prevents corrosion. You can sometimes apply Blue Loctite on the base screws and torque the screws based on the manufacturer’s recommendations with your torque wrench.

Level Your Rifle Scope

Once you mount the bases, you will level your rifle scope, but this depends on the hardware you use when mounting your rifle. Leveling the scope helps you ensure that your rifle scope levels up with the action of your gun.

Try the One-Shot Sight-In Method

A target and solid rest are the best way here. This begins with firm sandbags under the fore-end and butt. You can apply the bench-rest type tests. Working in a two-person team is best until you get it right.

  • Fire a Sighting Shot- Before you begin hunting, consider firing a shot to ensure your ability to shoot. However, ensure you unload the rifle and position it on rest. Try aiming the target and dry-firing several times. This enables you to refine your trigger.
  • Find the Sighting Hole- Use clear lighting to sight the hole through the scope. If you can locate the scope, get closer to the target and mark the hole with a black circle that is clear to your shooting position.
  • Adjust the Crosshairs- Since your rifle is unloaded, target the same spot you used for your sighting shot. Hold the rifle firmly on the target and let the shooting pal turn scopes changes until crosshairs cut through the bullet hole.
  • Fire to Confirm- At this point, you should fire another shot to confirm your zero and get the job done. The best way to sight in is when you hold the rifle with one hand and adjust the scope with the other, shooting from a rest that supports your riffle well.

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Mounting a rifle is an excellent way to get your targeted shot. But this can be a challenging task. It would be best if you had the right tools and enough practice over time to do the job well. If you are looking for a rifle scope and other gun accessories, Switchview USA has a variety for you to choose from. Check out our products today, or contact us for a free consultation.

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