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Knowing which hunting rifle is best for you can be challenging. Fortunately, Switchview USA offers credible insights on hunting rifles and tips on deer hunting. We also provide high-quality products and shooting accessories that make hunting enjoyable. One of the essential accessories we sell is levers for your scope. We ensure they are compatible with your hunting rifle to increase your hunting accuracy when making long-range shots.


How to Choose Rifles for Hunting Deer

Choosing the best hunting rifle contributes significantly to your deer hunting success, especially if you are a beginner. Factors to consider when selecting the best deer rifle include:

  • Action

The best gun to hunt deer should have an action that fits your hunting style. We recommend a bolt-action caliber with lever-action due to its reliability and suitability for deer hunting. 

  • Caliber

The best deer rifle is the one that works in the climate where you hunt. Select a caliber that creates room for wrong judgment in range, especially when your shots are long-range, on fields or open plains. Deer hunter beginners should select calibers that suit them. 

  • The stock

Choose a deer rifle with a tough and easy-to-maintain stock. Rifles made of standard metals can rust when it rains in the woods. On the other hand, the wooden stock swells, altering the point of impact of your rifle. 


What Makes Deer Hunting in the Woods So Tough?

Hunting in the woods is challenging, especially in the winter, because the deer population is low, so only the toughest and the strongest deer survive the harsh conditions. In addition, you must adapt to different deer hunting methods, such as hunting while on the move, using the tracking method, and still hunting to spot and shoot down a deer. The proper rifle helps to increase your hunting success. 


Three of the Best Deer Hunting Rifles for Beginners

We’ve highlighted three of the best hunting rifles for beginners to help you get started:


Remington 7600

Remington 7600 are pump-action rifles and require fast handling. They have strong locking bolts and powerful cartridges, making them ideal for tough deer in the woods. 

 Pros of Remington 7600

  • It is reliable.
  • Easy to handle and use

Cons of Remington 7600

  • It isn’t easy to adjust the length of pull. 
  • Its metal rusts easily. 
  • The action bars can bend when dismantling the rifle.

Marlin 1895

Marlin 1895 has a smooth lever action that allows for quick cycling of cartridges. It has a full-length four-shot tubular magazine and a hammer block safety fitted to ensure your rifle is secure. It has a black walnut stock with a pistol grip style and a rubber butt pad. The rifle’s durability is unrivaled. 

Pros of Marlin 1895

  • Easy to control and handle 
  • Has additional safety
  • Has many ammo options

Cons of Marlin 1895

  • The ammo is expensive. 
  • Has high recoil


Remington Model Seven

Remington Model Seven is one of the best rifles for deer hunting in the woods, considering it is a fast bolt-action rifle, has high accuracy, and is quick on the target. In addition, the latest model boasts advanced features, especially a hand-laminated carbon-fiber stock and 20-inch floated barrel, making it ideal for hiking or prowling.

Pros of Remington Model Seven

  • It is light and easy to carry around in the woods
  • Suitable for the rainy and wet deer hunting areas
  • Durable

Cons of Remington Model Seven

  • The recoil is on the snappy side
  • This model does not have controlled feeding
  • Only carries 3 shells in the magazine 


Next Step: Shopping for Levers From Switchview USA

If you’re looking to buy levers for your firearms, you are at the right place. Switchview USA levers are proudly made from quality materials in the United States of America, are our tools are built to last for the long haul. Regardless of your equipment or frequency of use, one of these levers will be the perfect option for you. If you have been looking for a way to increase your accuracy and for scope adjustment tools that are easy to install and operate, browse our products or contact Switchview USA today to learn more about the business or available products.


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